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It takes a big heart to shape little minds! And while you are building the nation, one kid at a time, we assist you to focus completely on the job at hand.

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Vidyaroha dashboard

About VidyaRoha

Vidyaroha is a platform that aims at developing a digital ecosystem for school. This gives you - the teachers, freedom from non-academic activities of documentation and focus more on spending quality time with the students. Let us work together to make our schools a place where kids can express themselves freely, grasping the life concepts in a playful manner.

What do we do?

Vidyaroha lets you simplify the tedious documentation work at the click of a button and access all the data in real time. We provide data analytics to bring forth the special abilities of the kids and of course the areas they need improvement in. We know you have always been there to help them improve. We just wish to supplement your expertise with a smart technology.

Vidyaroha Dashboard Features

  • Chronic Absenteeism Analytics
  • Dropout Pattern Analytics
  • Attendance Vs Academics Analytics
  • Teacher To Student Ratio Tracking
  • Resource Tracking
  • School Calendar
  • School Grading for Government Schools
  • Student Data Management
  • Success Rate Of new Implemented Schemes
Vidyaroha dashboard

What We Offer


  • Alerts about students on the verge of drop out
  • Complete student profile
  • Monthly reports


  • Complete school data on a single click
  • Class wise academic progress report
  • Focus areas for every class

Cluster Heads

  • Progress status for every school
  • List of schools needing immediate attention
  • Updates about chronically absent students

Education officer

  • Region wise heat map for academic performance
  • Achievement status report on education targets
  • Improved coordination amongst different players


Attendance Tracking App


Student Data Management

Best User Experiences

Heat Maps

Rich insights - Data analytics

Interactive learning content

Much more...